Bleeding after intercourse – marina cook talk me down please

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Bleeding after intercourse – marina cook talk me down please

I am in a situation. We have serious anxiety therefore PLEASE stories that are positive plus don’t flame me.

It has been happening a whilst – spotting that took place a time or two after sex.

A marina is had by me coil so do not (or didnt) have actually durations. Also before that my periods had been erratic.

It has been taking place for some time and from now on i am afraid i have kept it too much time.

A while was taken by it to place two along with 2 together. The spotting happens to be taking place at the least couple of years and I also appear to remember this occurring past to my previous smear that has been clear. That has been in 2015.

Went to Dr today in which he has introduced me personally for ultrasound and genital swabs.

I became just starting to think this is durations because it began to take place with month-to-month periods. We have already been getting signs and symptoms of durations therefore sore breasts (actually sore!) And experiencing horny in the week prior to the spotting happens. Recently it has been accompanied by a”period” although bleeding not heavy it was just when I wiped week. I might state that this don’t take place until 2 days after sex (frequently the full situation) so was it connected. Stopped bleeding yesterday we think. Had intercourse today after which there was clearly fresh bloodstream later on once I wiped.

I have stuck my mind into the sand for way too long through fear and from now on i am terrified that such a thing We have will not be curable.

Dr was not my gp but had been therefore lovely and patient when I could scarcely talk. He stated me to have the tests anyway – I think he was being kind that he suspects it’s the marena coil but wants. Leia Mais Bleeding after intercourse – marina cook talk me down please