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Go Green! Recycle Your Empty Inkjet Cartridges! Care for Environment! – these environmental awareness slogans are everywhere. But still, only about 5% of ink cartridges are recycled. Rest find their place in trash cans and landfills. I can only think of one reason for this – maybe people are not aware of why and how to recycle their empty inkjet cartridges. Let us look at both the factors.

Instead of choosing “plastic or paper”, choose to put your groceries in reusable cloth bags. Not only will they withstand more weight than plastic or paper, without ripping, but they can be used over and over.

You’ll find quite a few different brands getting in on the “variety is the spice of life” thing. From Blue Moon to Sam Adams to brands from south of the border, variety packs have hit in a big way. This is actually one of the best things for beer lovers as it lets you sample different brews without having to buy a 6-pack of each beer in the variety pack.

We wanted our cookies to say to the customer, Hey, look, we’re organic and better tasting than the other animal crackers out there. We’re exotic and it’s no gimmick, our animals are more wild than the rest. With all-natural ingredients we make better tasting cookies that are better for you and are more fun to eat. In order to convey that message we started looking at

Brown is a nice addition to your Printing projects because it’s a dark enough background to make other colors really pop without the stark contrast of black. Brown and green especially turn heads, although it makes a nice mix with orange, red and other autumn colors as well.

At an impressive price of just 499 USD and a smart efficiency, these HP color laser printers are a cost effective choice for small businesses and offices operating on a budget. With an Ethernet and USB connection facility and a cost per page of just 3.2 cents for monochrome prints, it provides good value for money. The cost per page for color prints with this printer is around 16.9 cents, which may seem a little expensive but it is still very competitive.

Also, another thing that might not have sprung to mind is this; cartridges do not often run out at the same time. This means that a consumer could be changing a cartridge and losing away unused ink, because the black, or the colored ink has depleted separately. An ink cartridge refill kit makes sure that this waste does not happen!